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2023 Optometry
Benchmarks Report

Books & Benchmarks is excited to share what we learned in 2023 about independent optometry practices’ revenue growth, overhead, and profitability

Bookkeeping and Benchmarks for Optometrists

Financial Reports Made for Optometry

Books & Benchmarks helps you save time and quickly assess the health of your business by providing monthly bookkeeping services as well as automated benchmark reports to provide you with the insights you need to make better decisions.

Books & Benchmarks helps you save time and quickly assess the health of your business by providing monthly bookkeeping services (including payroll and accounts payable) as well as automated benchmark reports to provide you with the insights you need to make better decisions.


Payroll Support


Why Us

With our deep expertise in optometry and optical, we can help you free up more time to see patients, focus on practice growth, or spend time outside the office. Books & Benchmarks can also lower your monthly bookkeeping cost compared to other providers.

Benchmarks Benefits

Benchmarking financial data against other optometry practices can provide you with valuable insights, empowering you to make better decisions and strategize more effectively.


See how your practice measures up against others in the industry and gain a better understanding of your business.


Assess your practice’s OD, staff, and space efficiency and know when it’s time to invest in future growth.

Easy-to-understand charts

Find out how your practice is performing with easy-to-understand charts that display the seven key expense areas.

Cash Management

Our report provides clear guidance on how much cash you should keep in your practice.

Why you SHOULD give your financials to professional bookkeepers

Many ODs and office managers lack the technical training required to do bookkeeping in-house, and CPAs often prioritize taxes and overlook crucial aspects of financial statements. By relying on the expertise of professional bookkeepers, you ensure complete and accurate financial statements, helping you avoid common errors in financial reporting.


Incorrectly tracking liabilities

Your balance sheet is the starting point for understanding where the cash in your practice goes. Ninety-five percent of the financials we’ve dealt with needed material changes to their liabilities, usually due to improperly recorded loan values.


Incorrectly tracking payroll

If you don’t calculate payroll benefits correctly, you might not be withholding enough from employees’ paychecks. And let’s not forget the challenge of accurately separating net compensation for owners, associates, and non-OD staff.


P&L adjustments exceeding $5,000

Your tax liability is based on your practice’s income, so it’s important to reconcile financials to actual bank and credit card statements to avoid material errors on your tax returns. 

Don’t stress about your practice finances

If you feel like you’re flying blind when it comes to your optometry practice financials, you’re not alone. As an optometry practice owner, your bookkeeping and payroll needs are unique and specialized.

Books & Benchmarks provides:

Easy-to-understand, optometry-specific financial statements

Timely and accurate financials not only help you understand your business better but also simplify tax prep.

Payroll Support

Add/remove employees, migrate payroll software, and accurately account for wages, taxes, and benefits on your profit and loss statement.

Benchmarks that highlight practice performance

Gain a deeper understanding of your overhead, profitability, and productivity metrics, leading to better business decisions.

Books & Benchmarks is the only benchmarking platform in the industry that combines QuickBooks data with your practice’s existing records to automate benchmarking. All you need to do is send us your patient care hours and exam slots every month to get the valuable insights you need to grow your practice.

Best Business Decision

“I use Books & Benchmarks for four businesses and love it! Definitely one of the best business decisions. It has allowed me to better understand my practice financials and take more of a CEO approach to growing the practices. Your time is too valuable to do it yourself.”

Dr. Matthew Shirley, Shirley Eye Care 

“I really feel Books & Benchmarks is the best decision I have made for myself and for my practice. I have more confidence now when handing my books over to our CPA.

If financial management is not something you are specialized in, or adept at, you need someone who can ensure you are effectively tracking your practice’s key metrics. It’s the information you need to profitably grow.“

Dr. Barbara Dune
Serenity I Care

“It’s great! I have a great CPA who speaks at the IDOC CONNECTION (JR Armstrong). Even though he does a great job, he still recommended it. I just changed financial advisors and she can log in and see it too to help make decisions. Also, I like how it looks like an easy-to-read dashboard.”

Dr. Rob Szeliga
Spring Hill Eyecare

“Books & Benchmarks has been a great asset for us to see where we are as a business and where we have opportunities. I can’t spend time gathering all the data needed to evaluate where we are, so I have to delegate those tasks to someone. Otherwise, I’d spend 70-80 hours per week between patient care and business operations. Books & Benchmarks has helped make my life easier by taking over bookkeeping and benchmarking.“

Dr. Matt Taylor
Ideal EyeCare

Accurate, timely,
and meaningful

Interested in learning how our Books & Benchmarks services can benefit your practice? Find out how we can help you grow your business and bring more clarity to your financials.

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