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Payroll Management for Optometrists

Payroll may seem straightforward, but it can take up a significant amount of your precious time. Time that could be better spent focusing on growing your practice. Let us help lighten the burden by providing essential services like setting up your payroll, managing personnel changes, and ensuring benefits are calculated correctly.

Payroll Services with Books & Benchmarks

Our experts at Books & Benchmarks are ready to handle all your payroll needs. While payroll is an essential aspect of your practice’s operations, it can be time-consuming. With our support, you can streamline your practice and dedicate more time to patient care. 

Manage personnel changes in your payroll software

We can help set up your payroll, including adding employees and ensuring accurate tax information in your payroll system. We’ll also remove employees who no longer work for your practice.

Assist with benefits

We’re here to help you with calculating retirement benefits, adjusting health benefits, and ensuring that all the data in your payroll software matches your financial statements.

Provide support with tax and forms-related issues

Sometimes issues come up, including miscalculated taxes, hours entered incorrectly, or employee benefits being set up wrong. These errors can cause unnecessary trouble with the IRS, Department of Revenue, or Department of Labor. We can help you resolve these issues and avoid financial headaches.

Report payroll metrics

Using Benchmarks data, we deliver accurate, meaningful reports on payroll expenditures, taxes withheld, and other relevant metrics for your payroll.  

“I use Books & Benchmarks for four businesses and love it! Definitely one of the best business decisions. It has allowed me to better understand my practice financials and take more of a CEO approach to growing the practices. Your time is too valuable to do it yourself.”

— Dr. Matthew Shirley

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