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Financial Professionals Can Partner With Us!

The Books & Benchmarks team knows that our clients need more than accurate, timely, and meaningful financial statements and reports to meet their long-term financial goals. That’s why we embrace the chance to collaborate with our clients’ full teams, from their CPA to their CFP and even to other consultants who support their practices.

Why You Should Refer Your Optometry Clients to Books & Benchmarks

Whether you’re a CPA, CFP, or another financial professional, there are several reasons why you should refer optometrists in private practices to Books & Benchmarks:

Clear picture of practice financials

One of the biggest challenges with optometry practices’ books is that they don’t offer a clear picture of owner income. Not so with Books & Benchmarks. Our chart of accounts provides a clear breakdown of payroll (including taxes and benefits) for owners, associate ODs, and non-OD staff. And our dedication to clean balance sheets means advisors can easily assess available cash flow and owners’ distributions.

Improved focus & time savings

Referring the optometrists you work with to Books & Benchmarks allows you to focus on your areas of expertise, whether that’s tax planning, financial analysis, business valuation, or other advisory services.

With accurate and timely bookkeeping, you’re also much better equipped to advise clients on business decisions, investments, and other financial strategies, reinforcing your role as a trusted financial advisor.

Tax season, simplified

At Books & Benchmarks, we’re committed to providing reconciled financials every month. We’ll keep the financials up-to-date and accurate throughout the year, so you won’t have to worry about tedious bookkeeping clean-ups during tax season. This is especially beneficial for advisors who have multiple tax planning check-ins throughout the year. When you need up-to-date books, they’ll be ready. 

Better client outcomes through collaboration

Providing your clients with a trusted bookkeeping resource strengthens your relationship with them and shows you care about their overall financial well-being. By offering or referring clients to bookkeeping services through Books & Benchmarks, you’re offering a more comprehensive service. Your clients will appreciate the convenience of getting both bookkeeping and tax/accounting services from one trusted source.

“The financial numbers of a practice tell a story. It’s one thing to be able to read the story. It’s another to comprehend it. Books & Benchmarks allows practice owners to comprehend their practice’s financial performance and also benchmark it to their peers, allowing them to make educated, informed, and proactive decisions in their practice. “

— Adam Cmejla, CFP®️

Integrated Planning & Wealth Management & host of 20/20 Money Podcast



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