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Benchmarks & bookkeeping for optometrists

Supporting ODs and helping them efficiently manage their practices using data and metrics has always been a priority for IDOC. That’s why we established Books & Benchmarks, a valuable service that provides optometry practice owners with the understanding and insight they need to make great decisions for their practice.

Our Why Is to Help Optometry Practice Owners

Many practices struggle to report their financial results and operational data because it is either inaccurate, outdated, or unorganized. Books & Benchmarks solves these issues by combining professional bookkeeping services with automated benchmark reporting. We created this service to:

Simplify practice operations with timely and reliable outsourced bookkeeping services.

Deliver the industry’s most comprehensive and valuable set of financial and operational benchmarks.

Free up precious time spent on time-consuming tasks like running payroll and managing personnel changes.

Our Leadership

Nathan Hayes

Director of Financial Services

More about Nathan Hayes

Nathan has consulted with over 1,000 unique independent optometry practices in his career with both Prima Eye Group and IDOC. In addition to his passion for helping owners build practices that meet their unique goals, he has the unique ability to use benchmarks and data to give owners “permission” to take risks and invest in building the practice of their dreams.

For years, Nathan has wanted to build an up-to-date database of practice benchmarks, but efforts to have ODs self-report their metrics never gained traction. To ensure trustworthy data, an effective benchmarking platform would need to produce its clients’ financial statements. That’s where Hayley comes in.

Hayley Stewart

Bookkeeping Manager

More about Hayley Stewart

Hayley Stewart has a BS in Accounting from Montana State University, specializing in payroll and bookkeeping. Following four years at a CPA firm in Bozeman, Montana working with over sixty small businesses, she helped lead and develop a service line that provided bookkeeping services to financial advisors throughout the United States.

Hayley now leads a team of six bookkeepers for Books & Benchmarks. Her experience in taxes and passion for accurate bookkeeping are essential to Books & Benchmarks’ ability to both produce industry-leading financial reports and be an important resource in owners’ tax and wealth planning needs.

Team of Bookkeepers

Every practice has a dedicated account manager who is supported by the team, ensuring there is never a lapse in service.

Bri Slingsby

Cheryl Lewis

Kelly Van Middlesworth

Jennifer Dabel

Kelly Celia

Dara Inn

Bri Slingsby

Dara Inn

Cheryl Lewis

Kelly Van Middlesworth

Jennifer Dabel

Kelly Celia

What We Offer

Books & Benchmarks gives practice owners the tools they need to assess practice performance and make better decisions for their business while keeping their books accurate.

Easy-to-understand, optometry-specific financial statements

Timely and accurate financials not only help you understand your business better but also simplify tax prep.

Payroll Support

Add/remove employees, migrate payroll software, and accurately account for wages, taxes, and benefits on your profit and loss statement.

Benchmarks That Highlight Practice Performance

Gain a deeper understanding of your overhead, profitability, and productivity metrics, leading to better business decisions.

Years in the Business

Happy Clients

Expert Bookkeepers

Years of Experience

Have questions about your specific bookkeeping needs?

We understand financials can be stressful. If you believe your practice is facing unique challenges that require a tailored approach, we encourage you to get in touch with us. With a deep understanding of bookkeeping combined with expertise in optometry metrics, our team can help address your needs.